Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Macaron Madness

So this has been my very frustrating adventure recently. I have not posted since I started working at Sweets and Spurs in Norman, OK. I am currently the head baker and the owner decided we should start selling Parisian Macarons. And thus, macaron adventure for myself and my very patient baking associate Gaby.

I cannot really explain how frustrating it was to have a batch created from the same recipe come out differently each time. For example:

One thing that helped me was looking at blogs online. So I thought I would report my findings.

No feet on the macarons: Did not let sit long enough before baking
Cracked tops: over mixed batter
Wrinkley tops: over mixed batter
Pointy tops: under mixed batter

Most successful method to date: FRENCH METHOD

Use Gel color to dye your batter.

Beat Egg whites to stiff peaks that fall to look like a birds beak on the end of the whip so not too dry.

Baking on humid days doesn't effect result.

You don't have to age your egg whites - that's really silly.

Most successful formula:

2 cups of almond flour
2.25 cups of 10x sugar
5 egg whites - real eggs
4 TB granulated sugar

Put 10x sugar and almond flour in food processor for 25 seconds. Sift mixture into bowl. Wipe mixer bowl out with lemon juice to make sure metal is clean and free of any grease. Beat egg whites until foamy add granulated sugar then beat to medium-stiff peaks. Add gel dye. Beat until color is incorporated. Place in large mixing bowl. Fold almond flour mixture into whites in thirds.
Pipe on silpat on a double lined sheet pan into 1 inch dollops and let sit for 60 minutes or until skin forms on discs and is not tacky to touch.
Bake in a preheated 325 oven for 10 minutes rotate pans bake for 11 more minutes. Let sit on pans for 2 hours before trying to remove from silpats. Fill with raspberry puree or ganache or caramel or whatever your heart desires.

There! We did it! It was really really hard...and I had to be patient. Maybe this is your magic recipe maybe it isn't. You will find it though.

Happy Macaroning.