Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buffalo hearts Bleu Cheese

Sure enough - every time I go to a restaurant with Brennan, if there is something on the menu with Buffalo, Hot or Salsa involved he has to order it. And by Buffalo I don't mean this guy

I mean the orange saucey meat that tends to accompany bleu cheese dressing on salads and appetizer samplers across the United States of America.
So I decided to make Brennan once again the luckiest guy on the planet and make him a Buffalo Chicken Salad for supper. Brennan informed that true buffalo sauce is made with Frank's Red Hot and butter. So I marinated some chicken breast - cut into cubes in some Frank's and sauteed it up in a skillet with some butter and salt and pepper.
For myself - as I do not partake in eating chicken I baked up some gardein seven grain crispy tenders and also applied Frank's Red Hot to them.
Then I assembled some veggies on a plate: baby lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomato and some sliced apple - mostly because apple taste so darn good with bleu cheese.

I also made some Bleu cheese dressing
2 oz crumbled bleu cheese, room temperature
4 TB sour cream
2 TB mayonnaise
1 tsp sugar
squeeze of lemon juice
splash of milk
salt pepper and garlic powder to taste

Mix together.



And for those of you who would rather not take part in Frank's Red Hot use your favorite hot sauce - but don't call it Buffalo...


  1. I ate a pear with blue cheese after reading this.

  2. yum! blue cheese with honey is really delicious...

  3. I've been currently eating blue cheese with everything.