Monday, May 9, 2011

oatmeal cream pie

For Brennan's Birthday I asked what he wanted to make for his birthday dessert and he said oatmeal cream pies - like the ones I ate by the box full from my grandmother's pantry...
So I search the internet for recipes and oddly enough they were all blog posts dated really close to Brennan's birthday...
So I made these time consuming sandwich cookies. And they were absolutely delicious.
Next time though I will definitely make them smaller because they are really sweet.

I don't wanna repost the recipe because it is exactly like this blog

But I did cute the recipe in half...
I think the next adventure will be homemade samoas..


  1. zomg. those look amazing....!!!

  2. If you make homemade samoas, I will be your slave for life.

    I also started up my garden today! Yeah tomatoes!