Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Parisian Lunch in the Midwest

Today Brennan and I decided to go to lunch at La Baguette Bistro, slowly we are discovering little gems of Oklahoma City as we eat our way through the town.

This one I was interested in because I thought about applying here when we first moved here because they have a bakery attached to the restaurant and make pastries, desserts and breads in house; therefore you can purchase them in their little shop.

The menu was intriguing and now that we know it's tasty we can go back and try more.
When you sit down in the red dining room with gold framed paintings and photos you get a since of a European cafe and the oversized booths and the u shaped seating gives a sense of privacy and romanticism.
I settled on the roasted vegetarian sandwich with pommes frites and the bistro salad
The sandwich was served on a herbed bun made in house, the shoe string fries were crispy and fresh and the house vinaigrette was awesome and available for purchase in the grocery.
Brennan got the Panini Capogna with pommes frites and a cup of french onion soup.

His sandwich was roasted chicken on sourdough and his soup was buttery rich and perfectly seasoned.

All in all - it's safe to say we will be back.

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