Sunday, August 14, 2011

Southwest Art Village in the heart of OKC

Since we have been here Saturdays tend to focus on finding an apartment but now that we have one and a move in date Saturdays can be used for exploring. First we went to the Farmers Market and found some edible gems. Peaches, Grapes, Squash, yes GRAPES! they are of the Mars variety and grown organically right here in Oklahoma.

We also bought cucumbers, sweet onions and Brennan bought a some bison meat.
I also discovered this fantastic Market called Forward Foods carrying organic and local edibles, ranging from produce, baking items, bulk foods, coffee, tea, cheese and a deli. It's really fun to meander through and kill some time.

But anyway, back to Saturday in the Paseo - which is the art district in Oklahoma City. We started at Picasso Cafe, which was by far my favorite place we ate and drank at all day. I started with a Pimm's Cup...with an enormous cucumber garnish, this was indeed a perfect summer afternoon cocktail.

Brennan enjoyed some brews from Left Hand...
The menu at Picasso is phenomenal - lots of veg options. Including this amazing Arugala salad with toasted pinenuts, roasted beets and a piece of fried goat cheese, drizzled with honey this salad blew my mind.

Brennan enjoyed a cup of lobster bisque and figs stuffed with bleu cheese and wrapped in proscuitto.
It was even nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the southwest architecture of the Paseo.
We ventured into some trinket shops and some art galleries and a so called cowgirl shop called Bonedust. It was interesting for sure. I can't wait to go back after the sun goes down to see what the Paseo night life is like.

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